Creating memorable printed materials is incredibly important and can achieve a multitude of different objectives. Sales, informational, or some just for fun to create brand awareness.
Designing for print can be challenging due to the limits of each material, like creating multiple color separations for use in screen-printing or getting your brand across in B&W for easy at-home printing. But these challenges often inform the design and allow a designer to create unique solutions for these physical limitations.
Below is a small sample of printed materials I've created recently. Most of these brands were created for Mischief Management by their Creative Director Jordan Edwards. All copy was written by Tori Bryan, Shanyce Lora, or Hayley Hoover.

Parody "IKEA" instructions for a craft at LeakyCon 2019, made in collaboration with Sami Nummi!

Attendee using the Bowtruckle instructions to craft their own Bowtruckle at LeakyCon 2019. Photo by Cheri Root

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