These emails were created for Mischief Management, a fan convention management company based in Brooklyn, NY. They were created in Photoshop, sliced and optimized for web, and delivered via MailChimp.
Each convention required multiple emails each week, typically sales-driven, though many were informational. All copy was written by Hayley Hoover, Shanyce Lora, and Tori Bryan.
Most emails followed a template and used brand guides and assets created by Mischief's Creative Director Jordan Edwards to foster unity throughout each brand's channels- printed, digital, and on-site. 
It was very important to me that the images featured in these emails represented the diversity of the attendees who love these conventions. Seeing yourself represented whether through age, race, shape, or orientation is one of the most powerful tools for inclusivity. Letting potential customers know- you will be welcomed and celebrated.
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